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Planning Committee Submission

Submission to Wandsworth Borough Council
Added on: 17 February 2015 at 11:37:30

Development of land off Stormont Road: 2015/0140

The Battersea Society, while welcoming the redevelopment of this site to provide housing, has a number of concerns and therefore objects to the proposals as currently presented. We recommend that further consideration be given to these issues and the application resubmitted. In particular:

a) The proposed site plan creates a building line which juts out into Sugden Road beyond that of the adjacent terrace. Further thought should be given to ways in which the new terrace could avoid over running the building line and allow a more sympathetic treatment of the Sugden Road frontage.

b) Local residents have expressed concern about parking issues arising from this number of new units. The proposal includes no dedicated parking for visitors to the new development which will indubitably create pressure on local roads and difficulties for disabled and elderly visitors to the new development. Security issues would suggest that, exceptionally, gated access to the terrace would be a practical option to avoid opportunistic crime in this heavily used section of Lavender Hill.

c) Local residents' concerns about the roof terraces and the potential for them to generate noise nuisance in the summer appear well founded. Rear extension terraces elsewhere in this part of Battersea are a known source of noise nuisance in summer months and it is likely that inclusion of these in the design of this terrace could create similar problems. New designs without the rather intrusive spiral stairs and roof terraces should be considered.

Reduction in the number of units by one and removal of the roof terraces would in large measure address these issues.

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