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Battersea has a long and proud history, growing from a small rural settlement on the edge of the Thames, into an industrial powerhouse, and currently enjoying a reputation as a fashionable if expensive place to live.
For most Battersea is a good place to live, with excellent transport connections, and a thriving cultural and social scene but not all its residents share in its success.
Over the next decade and beyond, the Nine Elms area will become home to another 30,000 people, and will see the creation of a cityscape to rival that of Docklands.
Orignally founded in 1965 the Battersea Society continues to work to improve the quality of local life in Battersea and strengthen its identity and sense of community. Why not join us, and play your own part?

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Open Spaces Committee

Contact: Clare Graham Click to send an email to this committee

Terms of reference

1. To define and consider appropriate roles and uses for Battersea's Public Open Spaces, including all public areas.
2. To seek to ensure that any proposed developments within Battersea' Open Spaces conform to Agenda 21 requirements and are contained within human terms and scale.
3. To monitor all developments including any use or "Open Space" activity including road and other transport proposals.
4. To investigate and initiate appropriate models for 'best use' and development of Battersea's Open Spaces and work with statutory and business organisations plus the voluntary sector to move towards the implementation of 'best solutions' for intended projects as well as the enhancement of existing uses.
5. To monitor the appropriate nature of all public works between private spaces together with key proposals (e.g. lottery bids, major development proposals) and comment thereon.
6. To draw together elements of a policy that would highlight and appropriately publicise, further roles and uses of Battersea's Open Spaces to best improve the quality of life for all who live in, or use, Battersea.

A pdf version of these Terms of Reference may be downloaded here