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Added on: 19 August 2019 at 14:23:08

Don't let our geese be run over by DUCKS...!

Pairs of grey lag geese with their goslings are a familiar springtime site on the slipway next to St Mary's Church. They're probably the most photographed birds in Battersea especially by walkers passing along the Thames Path which crosses the top of the slipway. The plan by Golden Tours to run regular daily river trips using amphibious vehicles (aka duck boats) entering and leaving the Thames at this point is likely to be a problem for breeding birds, as well as for the numerous other visitors to this part of the riverbank. For example the photograph below shows a group of canoeists gathered as they always do at the foot of the slipway, preparing to set off.The Battersea Society has already sent in a strong objection to this application which you can read here. You can view all the application documents and the large number of comments (the vast majority being objections) by going here. Please note that the closing date for comments is 4 September 2019.