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Have your say on TfL's plans for Battersea Bridge Road

Bus crossing Battersea bridgeTransport for London (TfL) is consulting on plans to make extensive changes to bus stops, bus stands, pedestrian crossings and parking at the Battersea Park Road end of Battersea Bridge Road. The main change is for southbound buses to run against the traffic in the current one-way section of the road between Prince of Wales Drive and Cambridge Road. The 'Travis Perkins' bus stop would be re-located to Battersea Bridge Road, north of Cambridge Road and the northbound stop moved up north of Banbury Street, outside Bridge Lane Health Centre. TfL claims this will save between 85 and 187 seconds on the journey, depending on the time of day.

Sevetral local residents attending a recent consultation at Bridge Lane Health Centre felt that the real problem in the area was the congestion caused by northbound traffic waiting to cross Battersea Bridge. Another resident was concerned about having bus stands in Cambridge Road and the effect on the traffic flow into Battersea Bridge Road, which is often very heavy at the evening peak. There are also often traffic jams along Battersea Park Road going westward and buses turning right against the flow in a relatively narrow road seem could cause more problems than than the current right turn out of the Albert Bridge Road T-junction.

The Battersea Society intends to object to these proposals and take the opportunity to ask TfL to look at more pressing problems for bus and traffic flow in the area: the bottle neck at Battersea Bridge and the planned closure of Albert Bridge for repairs. We will also seek reassurance that the 19 bus will continue to run south of the river once the current Hester Road bus garage is developed.

A copy of the map showing the proposed changes can be downloaded here

The consultation runs until 10 July 2009. You may comment online here .

Date posted: 19 June 2009