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Longer consultation on new dog rules

The council has extended its consultation period on proposals for a new set of rules for dog owners in the borough so that local people have more time to register their views. Planned dog control orders designed to  tackle problems caused by irresponsible owners are aimed at replacing outdated bye-laws and include areas not currently covered by regulation, including rules making it  compulsory for owners to clear up after their dogs.
Existing dog ban areas would continue in playgrounds, sports pitches and bowling greens butWandsworth council's executive member for environment and leisure Councillor Sarah McDermott has assured owners that despite misleading reports  the council has no intention of imposing a blanket ban on dogs in local parks and open spacesl. Dog owners would still be free to continue exercising their dogs off their leads on the vast majority of land in local parks and commons.

She said, "They would only be required to put dogs on leads in exceptional circumstances at the request of an officer if the dog was considered to be out of control, or in specific areas where the use of leads is considered sensible, such as in the seating area of the cafe or in car parks.
  If introduced, the new rules would mean that anyone who failed to clear up after their dog could be fined. This would apply across the entire borough, not just in places where existing 'poop-scoop' byelaws apply. Owners would not be able to let their dogs foul in the gutter or the road surface without removing it. Dogs would also have to be kept on a lead whilst being walked on the public highway in places like town centres and residential areas.
  The consultation runs until Friday, June 12. People can register their views by emailing or by writing to Jack Adam, The Staff Yard, Battersea Park, London SW11 4NJ.
  For more information about the changes, including precise details and maps of where the orders would apply, visit .

Date posted: 14 May 2009