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SW11TCH. The Campaign takes an important step.

We have all long complained about Battersea having a town centre that is named after a railway station, whatís more the name of the station is not even in Battersea. The campaign to stop the naming of Battersea Town Centre as Clapham Junction is gathering pace, led by its two co-chairmen Councillors Philip Beddows and Tony Belton.

A recent event highlighted the confusion caused when Ambulance crews called to a local road were directed to Clapham itself, causing unfortunate delays. Anyone in any doubt about the folly of retaining the name of Clapham Junction should stand outside the railway station and count the number of confused visitors.

As a first step to improving the situation, the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership Board decided in November that it wished for its name to be changed to the Battersea Town Centre (Clapham Junction) Partnership Board. The vote was overwhelming with, of course, the two Battersea Society representatives voting in favour of the change. This decision now requires Wandsworth Borough Council to ratify the decision.

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Date posted: 16 January 2008