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Wandsworth Common gets a new Children’s Playground – Eventually

In early December, Councillor Kathy Tracy, in the presence of Father Christmas, a choir from All Farthing School, many well-wishers and lots of lovely children opened the new playground on Wandsworth Common. It is a well planned playground and is spread over a much bigger area than the old one, and is divided into one for infants and one for juniors. It is also in close proximity to the Common Ground Café in the middle of the Common, which therefore provides a number of services for parents and their children. It has taken well over three years to get permission for this construction from the first Summer of consultation. The final permission from DEFRA (the government department responsible) was received in January, after the Council’s case was strongly supported by the Wandsworth Common Management Advisory Committee, on which the Battersea Society sits.

Date posted: 16 January 2008