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Let Wandsworth Council know your views about the Clapham Junction Scheme

Artist ImpressionThose who attended the meeting about the Clapham Junction redevelopment on January 28th, were left in no doubt as to the strength of local hostility to most aspects of the scheme, especially the two 42 storey towers (artist's impression seen on the right), the lack of affordable housing provision, and the inadequate approach to solving local transport problems, both rail and bus. The meeting drew an audience of around 200 people, who heard from Tony Tuck, Chair of the Battersea Society, Cyril Richert and Kate Williams from the Clapham Junction Action Group, and Martin Linton MP. Delancey, the company putting forward the development proposals, had turned down an invitation to attend.

None of the speakers, either from the platform, or of the many - including the local councillors present - who added their own comments in the general discussion, expressed any support for the scheme.  But Shirley Passmore of the Wandsworth Society warned against complacency, and reminded the meeting that the Ram Brewery Development, with its own high rise towers, had been approved, while a more co-ordinated campaign against the building of two towers close to East Putney station had resulted in the scheme being turned down. In the words of Chairman of the Planning Applicatons Committee, Leslie McDonnell: "The committee could not see any justification for a scheme of such overwhelming size and scale. The towers were clearly designed to challenge existing perceptions of Putney, and while the architecture may be bold, this serves only to accentuate the alien nature of the buildings. The big question is whether it can improve an area. In the eyes of the community and the council, this scheme clearly fails that test."

In the view of the Battersea Society, the nature of the Clapham Junction scheme is equally as alien to the area, and emphatically fails that same test and we would urge those who agree with us to let the Council hear their views - not simply about the two towers, but about all the other aspects of the proposal. You can read the public consultation document about the application by clicking here . You can also find full details of the application (2008/4488) on the Council's Planning Website, and may lodge an objection by clicking here .

Additionally we urge you to contact Councillor McDonnell, Chairman of the Planning Applications Committee, letting him know in your own words why you object to this development. His address is: The Members' Room, The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU - or you can email him directly at

You may also write to the Clerk of the Planning Applications Committee - Room 110, The Town Hall, Wandsworth High Street, London SW18 2PU - or email: - and request that he pass your letter or email to all the members of the committee.

Less formally, you may add your comment to the Battersea Society's own message board   - or sign the online petition.

Finally - and very importantly - we would urge you if possible to attend the meeting where the Planning Applications Committee takes its decision on the application. The larger the audience in the public gallery the better! This meeting is currently scheduled to take place at 7.30 on Thursday May 20th at the Town Hall.

And please pass on the message to family, friends, or neighbours living locally, who may wish to lodge their own objection.


Speakers at the meeting

Left to right: Cyril Richert, Tony Tuck, Kate Williams, & Martin Linton MP

(Photo courtesy of Bindu Joshi)

Date posted: 6 February 2009