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US Embassy to move to Nine Elms?

US embassy in Grosvenor Square
The US government has signed a conditional agreement for a new US Embassy with the Irish developer Ballymore. Ballymore control the south side of Nine Elms Lane between the Royal Mail site and the Flower Market.

The Battersea Society would welcome the US Embassy's move to Nine Elms, provided it will be a stimulus to economic regeneration over a wider area, and contribute to our vision of a civilised and humane public realm.

The Embassy's concerns about security are understandable, but we hope they are not going to create a Green Zone or a Fortress Nine Elms. As their plans become clearer, the Society will consider the implications for local employment, and will do our best to ensure that the local community is not excluded from discussions of these plans.

The intention to hold an international design competition, and use the latest energy-efficient building techniques is to be welcomed, but we hope this new development does not pose a threat to the plan previously drawn up by Ballymore and Treasury Holdings to extend the Northern Line from Kennington through Nine Elms to Battersea. You can read the Society's own planning brief on the future of Nine Elms by clicking here .

Date posted: 3 October 2008