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Have your say on the future of the Congestion Charge Western Extension

The Mayor of London is asking for Londoners' views on the future of the Western Extension of the Congestion Charging Scheme.

The results of this consultation will help inform his decision on the future of the Western Extension. There are three possible options for the Western Extension which will be considered. These are:

  • Keep the Western Extension as it is
  • Remove the Western Extension There would no longer be a charge to drive within the Western Extension; residents there would no longer receive a discount on travel in the original charging zone
  • Change the Western Extension Change the way the scheme operates by introducing account based payment, by introducing a charge free period in the middle of the day in the Western Extension, or by increasing the residents' discount to 100%

You can find out more details and complete the online questionnaire here .

PLEASE NOTE: All responses must be in by 5 October when the consultation ends.

Date posted: 25 September 2008