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Battersea Society wants a little vision applied up the Junction!

News item from Wandsworth Borough News

from Wandsworth Borough News June 4-10 2008

Plans for twin towers in Clapham Junction have been criticised by the Battersea Society for lacking "vision".

The development, which includes proposals for two 42 storey blocks, does not take into account an overall mas-terplan for the area, the society said.

A society spokesman said: "We urge the council to produce a masterplan extending to 2020 and beyond that would establish an overall vision for this Town Centre for Battersea.

"Decisions about the redevelopment of the station approach site should be made in the context of this vision and masterplan.

"We urge that a key aim must be to revitalise the shopping centres of Clapham Junction and consider carefully the impact of the Delancey scheme on them.

"We also question the wisdom in closing the establishedentrance to the tunnel at Clapham Junction Station as it is more accessible to these shopping centres than the proposed entrance of Brighton Yard."

The spokesman said plans needed to include a transport interchange for train commuters and those using buses and bicycles, and slammed the development for its lack of affordable and family housing.

The spokesman added: "We regard the proposed twin towers as excessively high for the site. We hear that the New London Mayor does not wish to
encourage tall buildings and we hope that he will take an early look at these proposals."

To see the society's response to the plans visit

A planning application is due to be submitted by developers Delancey in a few weeks.

Date posted: 7 June 2008