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Council approves Clapham Junction hotel plan

from Wandsworth Guardian (online)
28 June 2010

Wandsworth Council's planning applications committee has approved plans for an eight-storey hotel on Falcon Road, Clapham Junction.

The site is currently occupied by Woburn House – an outdated five-storey office block.

The developer had previously applied to build a 16-storey tower on the site which was rejected on the grounds that it would result in an "overbearing and dominant development”.

The revised scheme is almost half the height of the original design and the footprint of the building has also been significantly reduced.

Planning applications chairman Councillor Nick Cuff said: “This proposal is much more in keeping with its surrounding and will make a valuable addition to the town centre. The location is well suited for use as a hotel and the design would be a vast improvement on the unsightly office block which currently occupies the site.

“The scheme would help address a shortage of hotel accommodation in Clapham Junction which is home to the UK’s busiest railway station. The increased number of guests would also be a major boost for local trade and add momentum to the town centre’s regeneration.”

The new hotel would provide a total of 70 guestrooms with a separate restaurant and retail unit on the ground floor level.

A separate application to build a three-storey block of flats to the rear of Woburn House was also approved. This site is currently used as a private car park.

The schemes were approved by the council’s planning applications committee on Thursday 24 June.

You can view the applications at - reference numbers 2010/1455 and 2010/1620.

Date posted: 28 June 2010