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New art space unveiled in Battersea

by Eleanor Harding
from Wandsworth Guardian online - 28 March 2010

A new creative space co-run by the architect, Will Alsop, was unveiled in Battersea on Thursday evening.

Testbed 1, a cavernous studio and exhibition space for artists, inventors and scientists, showcased a colourful piece of performance art on its opening night.

Bruce McLean performed his “A Hot Potato Against A Dark Background”, which features a potato, a ballgown and a large collapsing fireplace.

The space, at 33 Parkgate Road near Battersea Bridge, is a former dockside dairy warehouse.

Mr Alsop said: “Testbed 1 is a fantastic and dramatic space and an exciting new avante garde destination for the creative industries, science and artistic individuals of London.

“It regenerates a previously dilapidated space and transforms it into one of the foremost centres of thought, innovation, ideas and experimentation within the capital.”

His daughter, Nancy, who is running the project, said: “The idea is that it’s a space to try things out. Failure is not a failure here. The reason why it’s called Testbed 1 is, you can try what you like.

“We are open to submissions from everyone - whether it’s from someone established or a bunch of students.”

Mr Alsop, who runs Will Alsop at RMJM, set up the project as part of the collective, Committee With No Agenda.

For more information or to submit your idea, email

Date posted: 9 April 2010