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Battersea Society calls for Power Station application to be rejected

The Battersea Society has asked Wandsworth Borough Council to reject the current proposals for Battersea Power Station (application no.2009/3575) Along with many other civic bodies in the Borough the Society wishes to see the restoration of the Power Station and development of its surrounding land going ahead after many years of blight.  And some aspects of the proposals are welcomed, in particular the river walk, the new park and the planned use of the jetty and other riverside structures.  However the Society has very grave reservations about this very high-density development.

They suggest that Wandsworth could should work with the Greater London Authority, neighbouring councils and all developers with the aim of providing a truly inclusive and vibrant new community.  Since Victorian times Battersea has developed as a mixed and vibrant residential and commercial community.  Much of area's built heritage is more than a century old and still providing homes fit for purpose within attractive neighbourhoods which foster community and good neighbourliness.

This is Battersea's "story of place" and the Council should work with others to ensure that it continues and is renewed.

You can see the full text of the letter here

To view the full details of the application, and consultation responses on Wandsworth Council's website click here and enter the application number: 2009/3575

Date posted: 10 February 2010