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Plans revealed for new entrance to Clapham Junction Station

Network Rail has revealed enhanced designs for a new entrance to Clapham Junction Station at Brighton Yard.
The original plans have been significantly expanded thanks to a £300,000 contribution from the council.
Wandsworth has long been campaigning for a high capacity new entrance  at Brighton Yard to help ease overcrowding in other parts of the  station building.
The latest designs include a forecourt with full vehicle access and  passenger drop off area, a taxi rank, step-free pedestrian access and  42 covered cycle parking stands.
The entrance building plan includes ticket vending machines, a staffed  ticket office, automatic ticket barriers, customer information screens,  two retail units, toilets and baby changing facilities.
The new entrance will lead onto the existing footbridge, which will  provide access to all of the platforms via stairs and newly installed  lifts. This will mean thousands of commuters can reach their trains  while completely avoiding the congested main entrance and subway tunnel.
The total project costs are expected to be around £1.5 million which  will be split between Network Rail, South West Trains, Transport for  London and Wandsworth Council.
Work could start in spring 2010 once work associated with installing new passenger lifts has been completed.
Wandsworths council's transportation spokesman Guy Senior said:
“A new entrance is vital to improving conditions at Clapham Junction.  We’ve committed £300,000 to the scheme to ensure its delivers a  building capable of handling vast quantities of people, and to make  sure the rail industry treats the project as a top priority.
“We’re under no illusions that this will solve all of the station’s  problems, but it can provide immediate relief to overcrowding at the  existing ticket office, ticket barriers and in the subway.
“It will also mean that disabled people, who currently find Clapham  Junction completely unusable, will finally have a safe means of  navigating the station.
“In the meantime we will continue to press the Government and the rail industry to tackle the stations underlying problems.”
Network Rail’s route director for Wessex Richard O’Brien said:
“We welcome Wandsworth Council’s contribution towards a new, step-free  entrance in the Brighton Yard building and we look forward to working  with our partners to develop a scheme which will complement the  station’s other accessibility improvements.”
Last month (November) Clapham Junction was named the country’s second worst railway station by the Department for Transport.
The council estimates the total cost of bringing the station up to a  reasonable standard will be well in excess of £100million. So far the  Government has only offered around £5million in new funding.

Date posted: 18 December 2009